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Silent Hill Icontest


This community is an icontest for Silent Hill in all of its incarnations. Please review the following community guidelines and participate!

If you have any questions or want to choose a weekly theme, please reply to any post in the community at any time.

If you wish to use any icons you see in the community, please request permission from the icon makers and give them credit for their work if they desire it. Please remember that icon makers from the current challenge can't be revealed until the results are posted. Thank you!


Challenge themes are issued around 9:00PM EST each Sunday, and everyone is invited to participate. Every week, there will be two themes presented: an abstract theme (one that is open to interpertation) and a concrete theme (one that will typically deal with the basic funtions of creating an icon). Participants are allowed to use either one or even both of the themes in their icons, as long as one of the themes is clearly apparent.

Each participant may submit a maximum of two icons per challenge, both of which must meet LiveJournal usage requirements [maximum 40KB & maximum 100x100 pixels]. To submit, simply reply to the current Challenge post with your icon(s). Comments to these posts will always be screened.

Only official art and/or screencaptures are allowed on icons. In the case of the newer releases ["Silent Hill 8", Shattered Memories, and Homecoming in particular], try to avoid spoilers if possible. Camera-hacked screencaptures are fine, but please do not use fanart or cosplay photos for icons, and feel free to ask if you have any questions!

Textures, brushes, animations, and other enhancements are all welcome, and in text-related challenges, text may be in any language.

Please do not submit previously posted icons or advertise your icons until the current voting period has ended. It's more fair--and more fun--if icon makers remain as anonymous as possible until the results are posted, and that isn't possible if your icons have already been seen elsewhere. Icons that don't comply with this guideline may be disqualified if discovered.

Although it's something you may want to consider when you vote, icons will generally not be disqualified for failing to meet challenge guidelines, as the weekly themes are always open to your interpretation, and English is not the native language of all [or even most] community members.

If you would like to suggest a theme for future weekly challenges, please feel free to do so at by leaving a comment in the Theme Suggestion Post.


All LiveJournal members are able to vote in the anonymous polls to determine the winning icons for each challenge.

Voting will take place around 9:00PM EST each Friday and end around 9:00PM EST each Sunday, after which the winners will be formally announced.

If there are 1-5 icons to vote from, then a single poll will be opened, allowing everyone to vote for their number one favorite icon. If there are 6-11 icons, then the Special Category voting poll will be opened in addition to the first poll. Special Categories are unique, optional themes that are presented each week to offer a bit of a challenge to participants, and the SC vote will only result in one winner. However, if there are 12 or more icons submitted, then there will be two Special Category winners as well as a Mod's Choice winner.

Please choose three separate icons for first, second, and third place. When the Special Category vote becomes available, your vote for this category must be different than your vote for first, second, and third.

You are not allowed to vote for yourself. Please do not use alternate journals for the sake of voting for any icon more than once, and do not encourage your friends to vote for you. You may change your selections at any time, but please use this option to correct voting errors and not to manipulate the results. If votes violate these guidelines in a way that makes it unfair to other participants, the votes may be discarded. I really don't want to do that, so vote carefully!

300x100 banners will be issued for all winners, and will be given on Fridays with the voting post.


Challenge 105: 'Lost/Awkward Crop' - CURRENT CHALLENGE!

Challenge 104: 'History' - korenchkin
Challenge 103: 'Silhouette' - korenchkin
Challenge 102: 'Quotes' - eve_sparda
Challenge 101: 'Acceptance' - korenchkin
Challenge 100: 'Sin' - korenchkin
Challenge 099: 'Secrets' - korenchkin
Challenge 098: 'The Five Senses' - korenchkin
Challenge 097: 'Red & Green' - korenchkin
Challenge 096: 'The Tarot' - eve_sparda
Challenge 095: 'Silent Hill 1' - eve_sparda
Challenge 094: 'Empty' - stygian_dream
Challenge 093: 'Fall' - eve_sparda
Challenge 092: 'Triple Theme' - havokpanda
Challenge 091: 'Cybil Bennet' - eve_sparda
Challenge 090: 'Legs' - eve_sparda
Challenge 089: 'Tender Sugar' - aydean
Challenge 088: 'Silent Hill Comics' - maliku
Challenge 087: 'Greyscale' - stygian_dream
Challenge 086: 'Monster' - maliku
Challenge 085: 'Funny Faces' - yiyo_chan
Challenge 084: 'Travis Grady' - aydean
Challenge 083: 'Faceless' - stygian_dream & aydean - TIE!
Challenge 082: 'Born From a Wish' - havokpanda
Challenge 081: 'Shot Down in Flames' - aydean
Challenge 080: 'Pain' - stygian_dream
Challenge 079: 'The Order' - stygian_dream & yiyo_chan - TIE!
Challenge 078: 'Friends' - yiyo_chan
Challenge 077: 'Henry Townshend' - mako_pretty
Challenge 076: 'Lust' - maliku & mako_pretty - TIE!
Challenge 075: 'Free Choice' - bucky_barnes
Challenge 074: 'Hate' - yiyo_chan
Challenge 073: 'Silent Hill 8 E3 Trailer' - mako_pretty
Challenge 072: 'Douglas Cartland' - mako_pretty
Challenge 071: 'Icon Pair' - mouette_lunaire
Challenge 070: 'Father' - aydean
Challenge 069: 'Chance Meetings' - bluepunk
Challenge 068: 'Lonely' - silent
Challenge 067: 'Tear-jerker' - silent
Challenge 066: 'Laura' - silent
Challenge 065: 'Run' - bluepunk
Challenge 064: 'Innocence' - silent
Challenge 063: 'One More Soul to the Call' - bluepunk
Challenge 062: 'Revenge' - silent
Challenge 061: 'Seal of Metatron/Halo of the Sun' - maliku
Challenge 060: 'Walter Sullivan' - bluepunk
Challenge 059: 'Reflection' - maliku
Challenge 058: 'Silent Hill: Shattered Memories' - the_disillusion
Challenge 057: 'Emoticons' - yiyo_chan
Challenge 056: 'O.R.T.' - bluepunk
Challenge 055: 'Male Characters' - fragilecat
Challenge 054: 'Text Only' - yiyo_chan & aydean - TIE!
Challenge 053: 'Alessa Gillespie' - aydean
Challenge 052: 'Home Sweet Home' - aydean
Challenge 051: 'Letter ~ From the Lost Days' - yiyo_chan
Challenge 050: 'Free Choice' - yiyo_chan
Challenge 049: 'Couples' - yiyo_chan
Challenge 048: 'Blue' - aydean
Challenge 047: 'Silent Hill: Homecoming' - mouette_lunaire
Challenge 046: 'Family' - bluepunk
Challenge 045: 'James Sunderland' - silent & mouette_lunaire - TIE!
Challenge 044: 'Blur' - yiyo_chan
Challenge 043: 'Otherworld' - mouette_lunaire
Challenge 042: 'Fog' - the_disillusion
Challenge 041: 'Love' - gizmonic
Challenge 040: 'Hometown' - gizmonic
Challenge 039: 'Silent Hill: The Movie' - mouette_lunaire
Challenge 038: 'Hot' - mid_night
Challenge 037: 'Heather Morris' - mouette_lunaire
Challenge 036: 'Sad' - yiyo_chan
Challenge 035: 'White' - mouette_lunaire
Challenge 034: 'Silent Hill: Origins' - gizmonic
Challenge 033: 'Duo' - yiyo_chan & mouette_lunaire - TIE!
Challenge 032: 'Cradle of Forest' - mouette_lunaire
Challenge 031: 'Male' - mouette_lunaire
Challenge 030: 'Beauty' - bluepunk
Challenge 029: 'Alex Shepherd' - bluepunk
Challenge 028: 'Dark' - mouette_lunaire & yiyo_chan - TIE!
Challenge 027: 'UFO Endings' - mouette_lunaire
Challenge 026: 'Silent Hill 4: The Room' - yiyo_chan & mouette_lunaire - TIE!
Challenge 025: 'Free Choice' - mouette_lunaire
Challenge 024: 'Selective Color' - yiyo_chan
Challenge 023: 'Playable Character' - mouette_lunaire
Challenge 022: 'Close-Up' - mouette_lunaire
Challenge 021: 'Lisa Garland' - bucky_barnes & mouette_lunaire - TIE!
Challenge 020: 'Motion' - mouette_lunaire & yiyo_chan - TIE!
Challenge 019: 'Death' - bosconovitch
Challenge 018: 'Silent Hill 3' - bucky_barnes
Challenge 017: 'Fade' - mouette_lunaire
Challenge 016: 'Hole in the Sky' - bosconovitch & bluepunk TIE!
Challenge 015: 'Child' - bluepunk
Challenge 014: 'Fear' - ganymede
Challenge 013: 'Harry Mason' - bluepunk
Challenge 012: 'Numbers' - mid_night
Challenge 011: 'Silent' - ashe_romeo
Challenge 010: 'Greyscale' - mid_night
Challenge 009: 'Silent Hill 2' - mid_night & mouette_lunaire TIE
Challenge 008: 'Smile' - bluepunk
Challenge 007: 'Room of Angel' - bluepunk
Challenge 006: Nurses - mouette_lunaire
Challenge 005: Red - mouette_lunaire
Challenge 004: Mary/Maria - bosconovitch
Challenge 003: Scenic - mid_night
Challenge 002: Favorite - mouette_lunaire
Challenge 001: Silent Hill 1 - bluepunk


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