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Laura - WTF?
You guys came through, and now we have eight wonderful icons to choose from! Thank you all for your participation this week! Now onto voting!Collapse )

Due to the next challenge being something other than the regular weekly themes, I'm not sure when banners will be posted, but they will be made. Have no worries about that! Also, even though there weren't enough entries, depending on how votes go, I may throw in the Mod's Choice just for the hell of it because I'm awesome like that. XD

Happy voting! I'll see you all on Sunday with the results!

Also, probably tomorrow, I'll be posting another community notice that details the results of the poll about the changes you'd all like to see happen. It'll basically be a line-up of what you all can expect to see change, what will stay the same, and what's to come. :]
Henry [Disease]
{Challenge #105}
Abstract Theme: "Lost"
Concrete Theme: "Awkward Crop"
Special Category - "Best Color" (unlocked with 6+ entries)
Mod's Choice (unlocked with 12+ entries)

Reminder time for Challenge #105 "Lost/Awkward Crop!" Currently, we have four great icons, but more would be great! Remember, we need at least six entries to unlock the SC vote. So if you have the time, please try to submit an icon or two HERE before Friday, February 25th at 9:00PM EST.
To Hell {SH2}
The mob has spoken! It seems that everyone is open to the new suggestions (LIMS, 20in20 challenges, and to a lesser degree, an Icon Exchange). So why are we doing a normal, weekly theme? Well, it's to test how the new theme system works and to gauge participation. But rest assured that next week, we will launch into a new challenge! If you haven't voted yet, then please do so HERE because the votes will determine what challenge we start with. :]

Anyway, onto the revival of Challenge #105. This will be the last weekly theme for a while, so enjoy it guys! (But don't worry. The weekly themes will always be around; they just won't be used as much anymore.)

{Challenge #105}
Abstract Theme: "Lost"
Concrete Theme: "Awkward Crop"
Special Category - "Best Color" (unlocked with 6+ entries)
Mod's Choice (unlocked with 12+ entries)

*REMEMBER: You may choose to use only one theme in your entries, or you can use both, so long as one is clearly represented. And the abstract theme is open for interpertation while the concrete theme means one thing and one thing only (crop the image awkwardly or in a way you wouldn't normally crop it).

Please submit a maximum of two icons by linking or embedding them in your comment to this post. All comments will be screened.

Questions? Comment below.

Theme suggestion? Please comment HERE.

You have until Friday, February 25th at 9:00PM EST to submit. The date/time [EST] as well as submission guidelines and resource links can all be found in the community info!


Good luck, guys! And let's make this a good, strong week before we dive into a new challenge!
18th-Feb-2011 10:13 pm - Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes! [PLEASE READ!]
To Hell {SH2}
Challenge #105 had no entries this week so on Sunday, as usual, I will post a new submission entry. But before that, there are some changes that have been made, and I want to make everyone aware of them.

From now on, every submission post will have two themes: an abstract theme (one that is open to interpertation) and a concrete theme (which will deal with the actual creation of the icon). Participants are free to use either one of the themes or both in their icons. All that matters is that at least one of the themes is clearly represented.

Examples of abstract themes would be: cold, hatred, cruelty, love, sin, etc.

Examples of concrete themes: color, rotation, faceless, awkward crop, etc.

In addition to this, I've adjusted the amount of winners per theme based on the amount of entries:

If there are 1-5 entries, there will only be first, second, and third place winners.

If there are 6-11 entries, there will be first, second, and third place winners and one Special Category winner.

If there are 12 or more entires, there will be the standard first, second, and third places winners as well as two Special Category winners and one Mod's Choice winner.

The community profile has been changed to reflect these edits.

Also, I have designated a poll below the LJ cut concerning future community activity. PLEASE VOTE! It'll only take a second, maybe two...Collapse )
11th-Feb-2011 08:10 pm - Challenge #104 - "History" - VOTING!
Laura - WTF?
Voting time for Challenge #104, “History,” and we have four great icons this week, so if you would please, vote for your favorite icon!Collapse )

Also, here are the banners for the winners of Challenge #103!Collapse )

And for a jump start on Challenge #105, the theme will be, by request, “Edgar Allan Poe.” Mr. Poe’s inspiration for the series goes far and wide, from the psychological elements to the simple mention by Heather of one of his stories, “The Black Cat” in SH3. In honor of one of the greatest horror writers of all time and his inspirational role in the games, all icons submitted need to reference him in some way, eithr through use of his quotes, poems, stories, or basically anything else about him. Have fun, guys! Be creative, and let the horror guide you! :]
To Hell {SH2}
Submissions for this week's challenge, "History," close in just over two hours from now. I was hoping for at least six entries this week, guys, so if you haven't entered yet and you've got the time, please try to submit an icon or two HERE before 9:00 PM EST!

And remember, the newly proposed Special Category for this week is "Best Use of Color," but the vote will only be used if we get six or more entires.
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