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Nurse *waves*
Hey, all, sorry for just... dropping off the face of the earth like that, but other stuff gained my attention, so I had to devote my time elsewhere. And then, I just never really felt like coming back... (Hey, at least I'm being honest!)

Anyway, I hate to let the community die since it was given to me by the original creator (kinda shitty of me to let that happen, right?), BUT I don't really feel like dedicating the time to moderating anymore since I'm not around on LJ much. But if you guys are still willing to be apart of SHChallenge, then I can commit and be here with you all. Obviously, I think I'd be making some changes to the way the place is run so that it's easier on, well, all of us, but they wouldn't be MAJOR changes...

So what I want/need to know is, who is willing to still be apart of SHChallenge? Anyone?

I'll continue my honesty streak and say, as a mod, it's fun to bring fans together to create, talk, and share. But it becomes a real hassle when no one participates. That was one of the reasons (though not the main one) for my disappearance. No response gives me nothing to work with.

But I don't mind returning. I just need to know that I have a community to return to. Otherwise, what's the point?
Laura - WTF?
As of now, it's officially 59 minutes past the deadline, and we only have two entries in Round 2 of our 20in20. Obviously, that is not enough to end with, so I am going to EXTEND the deadline 20 more days!

Please try to enter if you have the time by leaving a comment at this post before 9:00 PM EST on the new deadline date, May 8th.
Jasper - Smoking Alone {SH4}
Alright, guys, the mob has spoken, and you all want another 20in20 challenge!

Same as last time, there won't be a sign-up post. I'll just post the themes, and you all comment with a link back to your entry. Now, I am still working my way through the winning banners for this round (I have most of them done, but still lack the SC and AC banners). So Round 2 of a new 20in20 won't begin until Tuesday, March 29th at 9:00 PM. Keep your eyes open for the themes post to appear then. :}

Until that time, just enjoy the two days as a mini-vacation. Oh, and here are the participation banners for everyone!Collapse )
Again, thanks to all of you for participating and making our first 20in20 a great success! I only hope our second 20in20 is just as awesome. :]

I'll see you all on Tuesday with the winning banners and the second 20in20's themes!
25th-Mar-2011 09:48 pm - 20in20 Challenge {Round 1}: Results!
Nurse *waves*
Out of 200 wonderfully dark, hysterically evil, and perfectly Silent Hill-filled icons, we have 18 brilliant winners! And here they are with their willing icons!Collapse )

Thank you all for such an awesome 20in20 challenge! You all rock, and I hope you all enjoyed the 20in20 and had fun. Congraulations to all the winners, and even if you didn't make the list, I hope that you still at least had a blast participating in the challenge.
20th-Mar-2011 11:01 pm - 20in20 Challenge {Round 1}: VOTING!
Laura - WTF?
I am so proud of you all! :} 10 participants in all, with a grand total of 200 Silent Hill-rific icons, and by the end of these, we will have 16 winners (maybe more… we’ll see how voting goes)! Excited!?

P.S. Sorry it took so long to get this up, but it just takes forever to go through 200 icons!

Heather-Feel Pain
Hey, guys! It's a bit late, but you've still got some time! SHC's first 20in20 challenge will end on Saturday, March 19th Sunday, March 20th (extension offered for maliku) at 9:00 PM EST, so if you still want in, just review the themes and rules HERE and enter!

Also, if anyone is close to finishing but needs more time, just drop a comment below. An extension can be given if necessary (but not a long one because that's not fair to those who have already finished). One extension is enough. :]

So far we have five fantastic members who have entered the challenge, and more would be greatly appreciated to make the voting even more diverse!
To Hell {SH2}
After a LONG wait, here are the banners for the winners of Challenge #105!Collapse )

Also, if you haven't yet taken part in SHC's first ever 20in20 challenge, the deadline for March 19th is approaching fast! Get the themes and rules HERE, and join in if you can!
27th-Feb-2011 08:18 pm - 20in20 Challenge {Round One}: Themes
To Hell {SH2}
And now, as promised, we’re going to start our first ever 20in20!

Rules and theme are behind the cut!Collapse )

20in20 is now CLOSED!! Voting will be up whenever I can get all the icons together.
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